ScreeND Participant Interview Vignettes


Participants in the ScreeND Program shared their insights on a number of topics with Nikki Medalen, Quality Improvement Specialist.

UND Center for Family Medicine | Dr. Jeff Hostetter and Monica Paczkowski

What are you most proud of about your CRC screening project work? Video
How has having a screening policy made a difference in your screening rates? Video
What can you tell us about your team? Video
Do you have suggestions for others going through an EHR change? Video
Thoughts on provider buy-in. Video
How has participating in ScreeND helped your clinic? Video

South Central Health | Dan Beach, FNP-C

What is your philosophy on shared-decision making? Video
How do you help a hesitant patient see the personal value of screening? Video
Do you have a standard message you start with? Video
How do you think offering choice improves CRC screening rates? Video
The importance of preventive screenings. Video

First Care Health Center | Amy Burianek

How did your recent case review hone-in on clinic processes? Video
In your case review, did you find patients who were in often but were not being screened? Video
How are you planning to engage the clinic in what you found in the case review? Video
Patient navigation is often considered an overwhelming term. What is your definition? Video
Can you give an example of the kinds of assistance you give to a patient who needs to be screened? Video
Are there certain questions you ask to elicit a patient’s needs? Video

Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Healthcare Facility | Mikisha Longie

Patient navigation is often considered an overwhelming term. What is your definition? Video
Your facility has an extraordinary return rate for FIT kits. What are some of the strategies you’ve used to assure the patient’s complete the test? Video
What are some of your best tips for effectively tracking and following up on stool kits? Video
How has having a standing order that allows nurses with proper training to order FIT or Cologuard helped improve screening rates? Video
Does it make a difference if patients get a call from a local clinic or someone they know? Video
Mikisha’s Story. Video