Rollin’ Colon

Quality Health Associates of North Dakota now has a Giant Inflatable Colon available for loan.

The Rollin’ Colon is an inflatable is an educational reproduction of the human colon, featuring three-dimensional large-scale representations of polyps, colitis, and different stages of colorectal cancer.


10′ High, 32′ Long, 12′ Wide

When packed up for storage or transportation, the inflatable colon takes a space approximately 4′ cubed.


The total weight of the exhibit is approximately 250lbs including the blower.

Other Requirements

  • One 110V outlet is required for the blower to keep the exhibit inflated.
  • Transportation requires a large SUV, pickup, or small trailer.
  • It is highly recommended to set this up indoors, as the wind can easily move it or blow it down.

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